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This site exists so that all who are interested can find out more about who we are, where we are, where we would like to be as a community and how can we get there as a community of Believers.


We consider ourselves "Change Agents" who aren't afraid to talk about difficult topics. Our only fear is of what will happen if we don't begin to discuss those things that divide us. 


To join us for an upcoming Diversity Dinner RSVP via email.



Please Include the information below.


  • Name

  • How many in your party

  • What dish will you bring

  • Would you like to be added to our list to share a poem

  • If so, please include the title of your poem


SOS HSV 2020 Dates 

February 11th

April 14th
June 9th
August 11th
October 23rd
December 8th

6:30 pm

We gather at the historic Cooper House in downtown Huntsville. 

405 Randolph Ave SE Huntsville, AL 35801. There is no cost.


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