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 A community 


about racial  



Father and sons willing to say something.


A community leader who is always down for doing something. Thanks Art Leslie of The Huntsville Inner City Learning Center!

An event substantial enough to birth something.


A local church caring enough to allow us to host something. Thanks Central Presbyterian Church!

S.O.S. 2016 Panel

Pastors, community leaders, and local law enforcement who care enough to say something. Special thanks to our panel!

Our supporters

A community that cares enough to show up for something. Thanks Huntsville!!!


Rappers/Dads who care enough to promote something. Thanks Rhymers for the Lord!!!

S.O.S. Founders

Mothers who care enough to organize something. Special thanks to April Boddie & Toya Poplar!!!


Sponsors who care enough to share something. Special thanks to our food sponsors!!!

Russell Sisk & Trooper Summerville

Community Leaders and Law Enforcement that care enough to unite for something. Thanks Russell Sisk & Trooper Summerville!!!

S.O.S. 2014

Fathers and sons who care enough to stand for something. Special thanks to our Fathers and Sons!

Connect 3

Officers who care enough to save something. Thanks Huntsville Police Department!!!

Why wait until something happens when you can do something now? S.O.S. is an opportunity to do SOMETHING.

Save Our Sons is a community dialogue about race, religion and reconciliation. It originated in 2014 as a dialogue about police pull over etiquette.

We discuss the following:

1. Who We Are? (As a community)

2. Where We Are? (As a community)

3. Where Do We Want To Go? (As a community)

4. What Do We Need To Do As Christians To Get There?

(As a community of Believers)

We welcome you to email panel questions to

Our events are dialogues not debates. 

  • We listen carefully.

  • We keep an open mind and heart.

  • We respect the speaker even if we don't respect their views.​

Refreshments are served. Youth are encouraged to share; and polling questions are offered.

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